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Hi Sage,

I’m on a competitive sports team, and I am having so much fun. But my school work is not going too well since my team interferes with school. I’m very stressed about school now, and my parents might make me quit my team because my grades aren’t doing very well. I’ve been doing some homework then going to practice for 2-4 hours three nights a week, then doing more homework until 11 at night most nights.


-Conflicted Team Member


Hi Conflicted Team Member,

I had this problem too, when I played on a comp team. I had practice 2 nights a week for 3 hours, sort of like you. If you are having to stop short of doing all your homework or studying because you have to get to practice, get to practice late to finish your homework. And if you still have studying to do, try to do it in the car on your way to practice and back home from practice. School should always come first before sports, and I guarantee your coach will understand that completely. Also, try to finish the homework you know you have to do at lunch or any free time you have. Get to the library for a math book (or any other subjects) for math you have to do.

Good luck with school and sports

-Sage, A coach that you actually like



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