No Mom

Hello Sage,

I am a girl who has an ok life. My dad is very supportive of me and so is my older brother. I love both of them with all my heart.

My mom does nothing but sit around on her butt all day, doing nothing but yelling at me and my brother and my dad. I’ve told her that she needs to help around the house, since I am practically the mom of the house now. I’ve told her she needs to stop yelling at us. She still doesn’t.

Do you have any ideas about how I can help stop her from yelling and just sitting around?


-No Mom


Hey No Mom,

You just have to try and keep doing what you’re doing already. Telling her to stop yelling and sitting around. Try and have your brother and dad help out. And if they do tell her to stop as well, you all need to make a decision on how to make her stop yelling and to help you guys out. If you’re fed up with her, do something about it.

Hopefully you get this situation figured out,

-Sage, a family member who is always there for you




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