Two Tough Choices

Hi Sage,
So, my mom bought me tickets to my favorite band and I was super excited and it’s in a few days and I can’t wait. But, my boyfriend (who I haven’t seen in a while) texted me today and asked if I was free on the day of the concert. I said I was going to a concert and he said that he wanted me to go with him to an amusement park…
I can’t choose!! Help please!
-Two Tough Choices


Hi Two Tough Choices,

This is a tough decision, most definitely! I believe in experiences, so if I were you, I’d choose the concert. You might not ever be able to see the band in concert again; you will most likely get another chance to go somewhere fun with your boyfriend.

Go for the fun experience! Go see your favorite band in concert; live it! Sing all the songs and dance your heart out!

Hope the concert goes well,

Sage, all about the experiences

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